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We are engeged in offering decorative wall cover, decorative laminates and laminated wall covers.

An easy way to give a distinctive and elegant look to your home and office is by simply using a Decorative Laminates on any wooden furniture surface.

Decorative Laminates make your home colorful, interesting and can make every room and piece of furniture look distinctive.

KitVista – the decorative laminates brand from the house of Kitply, offers a wide variety, texture of Decorative Laminates and has a range of colors to choose from.

Decorative Laminates suppliers Bangalore

Decorative Laminates are high pressure laminates comprise of specially selected decorative papers and absorbent kraft paper impregnated with melamine and phenolic resins, pressed and hardened under heat and high pressure. The process ensures strong bonding, resistance to boiling water and stains and increases dimensional stability Surface protection through special treatment makes Kitply laminates scratch resistant.

Decorative Laminates are suitable for a wide range of applications such as home furniture, wall linings, column claddings, doors, shelves, table tops, work-tops, counters, vanity units, cubicles, lift linings, store fittings, displays, check out desks, office partitions, storage units, etc.