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The plywood offered by us are high quality. They are available in various sizes and thickness as desired. The range is not only sturdy but aesthetically appealing too.

Kitply Gold

Ever wondered why wedding rings are made of gold? Gold is considered as a symbol of trust and strength. It is exceptionally stable and is not affected by chemical reactions, extreme pressures and temperatures. Inspired by the distinct characteristics of gold, Kitply presents ‘Kitply Gold’.

With Kitply Gold, we present grace for your home without compromising on quality and ensure your home is just like you, strong and stylish.

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Film Face Ply

Precautions: It is necessary to follow certain precautions to make the film face last longer.

  • Unload carefully.
  • Do not drag & drop from height.
  • Stack on a flat surface.
  • Clean both surfaces after use.
  • Apply mould oil after 3-4 uses.
  • Use sealant on cut edges.
  • Use minimum nails.
Film Face Ply
Flexi Ply

Keeping in mind the artisan's imagination and creativity, we present an exclusive range of Magical Flexi Plies. These types of plies can easily be mold and bend into any shape without clipping, cracking, peeing or staining. No special equipment are required while shaping flexi ply, as it can easily be bent, fabricate and laminate by hand. Furthermore, our range is resistant to boiling water and has high bonding strength.


  • Flexi is a 8 x 4' flexible plywood sheet easily by hand
  • Shapes/Curves can be formed without labor intensive efforts associate with bending of plywood
  • No special equipment is required to bend, fabricate or laminate
  • Complex multi-radical shapes can be created that would otherwise be virtually impossible


  • Our range can be used in all kinds of imaginative interior designs, where curving and rounding is required.
Flexi Ply
Marine Ply

Marine grade Plywood is made of well selected pices of core and face veneera.these are bonded with Phenol Formaldehyde BWP grade resin under high temperature and pressure. Further the finished plywood is subjected to proper chemical treatment with water soluble fixed type preservatives under vacuum pressure to ensure protection against wood destroying organism and to makethe product insects,borer,termites and fungi free. This specific stress releiving treatment is also given to check anti warp properties of plywood which make them dimensionally stable in both excessive wet and dry conditions tthroughout its life.

Marine Ply
Kitply Royale

Its orly natural that the country's leading plywood manufacturer provides its customers with premium quality plywood. Presenting Kitply Royale, the best available plywood in its class. Besides being boiling water proof and termite resistant, it also possesses a unique lifetime guarantee.

The Wood & Veener The wood sourced for Kitply Royale is high quality, imported timber of Dipterocarpus species. Higher strength: weight ratio, dimensional stability, uniform strength and high durability makes it superior to any conventional plywood. In experiments, it was established that a sheet of 9mm-thick Kitply Royale has technical properties more than that of 12mm BWP plywood, which effectively means a cost-saving of 25% for you. Made of 100% Gurjan timber, Kitply Royale has a 1mm-thick veneer face. The veneers used in the core and panel have no overlaps; splits or gaps either.

Kitply Royale

The benefits are as follows

  • Boiling Water Proof : Kitply Royale is bonded with Phenol Formaldehyde Synthetic Resin adhesive and pressed under high pressure and temperature. Which is why. it can withstand boiling water without warping. delaminating or losing its strength.
  • Termite Resistant : After the hardwood veneers are phenol-bonded. they are treated with anti-termite solutions in a vacuum-cum-pressable plant. This results in Kitply Royale being resistant to termites. other insects and fungi.
  • Warp-Free : Kit* Royale is pre-pressed to give a homogeneous spread of moisture making it warp-free. With more layers than any conventional plywood, Kitply Royale has a density of 825kg/m3 combined with additional lines of thermosetting phenol formaldehyde resin, thus enhancing its physical and mechanical properties.
  • Lifetime Guarantee : Kitply Royale has a lifetime guarantee. However, in the unlikely event of any deterioration or insect infestation. Kitply guarantees to compensate you for the cost of the plywood.
Hardwood Blockboard

Blockboard is made up of a core of softwood strips. These strips may be up to about 25mm wide. The strips are placed edge to edge and sandwiched between veneers of hardwood. The sandwich is then glued under high pressure.

This process makes it very strong. Hence Blockboard are used where strength of the furniture is of the most important.

Blockboards are used to make:
long tables, shelves, doors, paneling and partitions

Hardwood Blockboard
Shuttering Plywood (IS:4990)

Virgo, Shuttering Plywood is BWP grade having density 650 to 850 kg/m3 . Because shuttering jobs are constructions call for plywood that can take a lot of load and is also resistant to borer, termite and other marine organisms. Special bonding treatment protect it from moisture and keeps it new even in concrete finish. This plywood resists alternative wetting & drying conditions and is very economical when we consider its re-use valve.

Suggested Areas of Application:

Useful in all kinds of shuttering and centering works in construction of bridges, buildings, dams, beams & roofing etc. It can also be used in outdoor furniture, prefabs, kiosks, Facia as well as storage silos for gains.

Shuttering Plywood
Film Face plywood (IS:4990)

VIRGO’s film face plywood is a special form of shuttering Plywood. It is made with Polymer film on both sides to ensure a mirror look and smooth surface for shuttering purposes .This helps save time and labour of replastering. It is bonded with specially formulated phenolic resin. This protects it from moisture and keeps it new even in concrete finish. It is also used in manufacturing furniture and panel inserts.

Film Face plywood

M.R. Grade Plywood & B.W.R. Grade Plywood

M.R. Grade Plywood

Manufactured as per IS: 303 specification premium quality M.R. Grade plywood caters to every need of customer. Its excellent quality perfectly matches the economical frame. With a normal and minimal climatic alteration, plywood is best recommended to grace all interior applications, that includes office and computer roof furniture, your dwelling place and business establishments.

M.R. Grade Plywood
B.W.R. Grade Plywood

This premium quality of B.W.R. Plywood confirms to the IS: 303-1989 standardization. It has been manufactured from selected stress and satin free hard wood with in house manufactured PF resin.It is resistible to extreme weather conditions like heavy moisture content of air, dryness, unbeatable heat, dense fog and all adverst atmospheric changes. It best applicable places starts from automobile frames, railways, bus coaches to kitchen cabinets, bathroom furnishing, exterior hoarding sign board and even dinning table top.

B.W.R. Grade Plywood

What & How : Our Marine Plywood is best suited for all kinds of marine application. Our product is made from tropical hardwood veneer and it is preservative- treated under vacuum pressure impregnation with anti- mycological substances to prevent insect infestation and bonded with thermosetting BWP- hype exterior- grade insect infestation and bonded with thermosetting BWP- hype exterior- grade resin. We manufacture marine plywood for container floorings that comply with AQS and Lloyds standards.

Why: Dimensionally stable, high structural properties, availability of fire-retardant grades. Where: Ships, boats, crafts, bridges, oil high platforms, container flooring and extreme exterior application like floor and cooling towers.


What & How: Our decorative plywood renders. An exclusive royal touch and is perfect for the interiors and exterior application. It is manufactured using moderatory hardwood veneers, preservative treated by the soaking method and bonded with interior or exterior grades of polymer-based adhesive depending on customer specification. Natural wood-face veneers are bonded with melamine-formaldehyde synthetic resin. You can choose from a wide array of natural veneers.

Why : High strength, preservative treated, high durability, availability of fire-retardant grades on demand.

Where: All types of interior/ exterior furniture and panelling in vertical or horizontal applications.


What & How: Our fire - retardant plywood is suitable for interior or exterior application. It is made using non-hazardous chemically treated hardwood veneer and bonded with MR or BWP synthetic resin. Our emission-free product is ideal for general and industrial application. We also offer fire- retardant plywood conforming to IS 15061 standards. Interior grade and exterior grade fire retardant plywood are optional.

Why: Extreme safety, emission free, availability of customized ply.

Where: Paneling of fire- protected area, kitchen, generator rooms, buses, ships, train coaches, trucks, etc. Paneling of fire-protected area, kitchen, generated room, buses, ships, train coaches, trucks, etc.



Our plywood is the best on the market and it is produced from high quality logs, a skilled labor force, the latest equipment and forest management that has received certification from ISO9001, ISO14001, the Japanese Agricultural standard (JAS).

Types and sizes of products

Ordinary plywood

Plywood can be found all around us. It is extensively for home construction, interiors and exteriors, furniture, vehicle and ship structures and musical instruments.

Dimensions: 2.7mm~30.0mmx 4'X8', 3'X7 ', 3'X6'.

Ordinary plywood

UCP (Urethrane Coating Plywood)

A Urethane coating over the plywood provides water-resistance and a natural resilience to the elements, while at the same time prevents damage from dryness or wetness. This added surface protection also guards against the damaging effects of pollution, water and abrasion resistance.

Dimensions: 12mm 3'X6', 2'X6 ', 4'X6'


FFP (Film Faced Plywood)

FFP is designed as a specialty plywood coated with more than one coating materials to provide special properties (fireproof, thermal protection, water resistance) and multiple effects with improved surface cosmetics and quality.

Dimensions: 4mm~30mmx 1200X2440. 1250X2500

Film Faced Plywood

CFP (Container Flooring Plywood)

The container flooring plywood is employed as flooring material for container box.

Specifications: 20FEET, 40FEET container

Container Flooring Plywood